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Indian Cinema

  • Ms. Bijaya Jenais

    Bijaya Jenais an Indian actor, film director and producer. She served on the Governing Council of FTII from 1992 to 1995.

    Jena became an actress in the Oriya film industry and soon won the State Award for Best Actress for her performance in JagaBalia. She went on to work in a number of Hindi and Oriya films, television serials and plays, of which Hakim Babu received the National Award for the Best Oriya Film. She has also acted in Ismail Merchant's British film, The Deceivers, directed by Nicholas Meyer.

    Jena had entered the Indian film industry in the 1980s, when the industry was going through a transition and the New Wave Cinema or Serious Cinema which later flourished through the 50s and was floundering and dying in the 1980s. So, she decided to make her own films. The Oriya film Tara marked her directorial debut.

  • Mr. Dan Wolman

    Born in Israel, 1941, Dan Wolman moved to the US to study at The Film Institute of City College, New York.In 1968 Dan returned to Israel and shot his first feature - 1970 “The Dreamer” an official entry at Cannes Film Festival. Over the years Dan Wolman written and directed: personal feature films, commercial films, Short films and Documentaries. Mr. Wolman has taught Cinema at Tel Aviv University, New York University, School of Visual. A veteran Israeli filmmaker, Mr. Wolman’s films have been presented at Cannes, Venice, Berlin and many other film festivals winning awards and prizes across the globe.

    His film "Valley of Strength" which was released in 2011, was a big success in Israel and won prizes in Berlin, France, Rumania, India and China. Dan received a “Life time achievement award” at Jerusalem International film festival and "The Silver Hugo" award at the Chicago International Film Festival for "Unique vision and innovative work".


  • Mr. Girish Rao Hatwar

    Girish Rao Hatwar popularly known by his psydonym, Jogi is a journalist, script writer, novelist, columnist, film critic and a play wright. Having written 50 books inclusive of 10 novels, 10 short story collection dialogues of 30 plus television serials, he is currently the Features Editor of Udayavani. He has written the scripts of movies like Kada Beladingalu, Mouni and Nanu Avanalla Avalu.


  • Mr. K.C.N. Chandrashekar

    K.C.N.Chandrashekar, is a prestigious film Producer, Distributor and Exhibitor of Karnataka. “KCN Chandrashekar Group” has made enormous contribution to the development of Kannada film industry in Karnataka. They have distributed more than 500 films and produced more than 50 feature films in various languages. He is currently the Vice President of - Film Federation of India, Mumbai. He Served as a Jury Member for Selection of Films for the State Award by the Karnataka State Government thrice & as Chairman for the year 2012. He is the Former President- The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce and Former President- The South Indian Film Chamber of   Commerce, Chennai.

  • Mr. Arun Chadha

    Arun Chadha graduated from FTII and has been making documentaries and short films on various social and developmental issues for the past 30 years. His films have been shown in various film festivals in India and abroad and have won several awards. He won the Golden Conch for the Best Documentary at the Mumbai International Film Festival twice and the Best Film at the International Film Festival on Science, Society and Development in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. He has also been a jury member at national and international film festivals in India.


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