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Igor Cobileanski

Igor Cobileanski was born on 24 February 1974 in the city of Comrat . He debuted in 1988 at the studio “Moldova-Film” in “pain”, adaptation of the novel by Vladimir Beşleagă , playing the lead role and playing alongside Vasile Brescanu , Svetlana Toma and other actors. In addition to television work, Igor Cobileanski an intense activity as a director of documentaries and shorts films, collaborating with the studio “Moldova-film”. In 2001, he became a member of the Filmmakers Union of Moldova. Congress Filmmakers Union of Moldova in 2004, he ran for president of this institution.


East business tells the story of a friendship between two Moldovans, Marian (Constantin Puşcaşu), an intellectual provincial and Petro (Ion Sapdaru), an opportunist full of ideas. The two set off on a wild journey in search of money needed to fulfill dreams: Marian wants to marry Veronica (Anne Marie chert), while Petro wants a crane that her rent. They decide to become business partners and start working on a plan: to sell a wagon horseshoes. Plans are turn upside, however Marian and Petro do not lose optimism and try other methods to end.

Afacerea Est
Romania | Lithuania | Moldova|Romanian | English
87 min

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