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Original Title : Sink
Year : 2016
Country : South Africa
Movie Duration : 115 min

Cast :

(Kannada) Anel Alexander, Shoki Mokgapa, Jacques Bessenger, Amalia Uys

Production :

(Kannada) Anel Alexander, Brett Michael Innes, Johan Kruger

Awards :


Won (Jury Award) – Mexican International Film Festival (2016) | Won (Best of Show) – Accolade Competition (2016) |
  • Synopsis


    Rachel, a Mozambican domestic worker living in Johannesburg, is forced to make a life-changing decision after her daughter tragically dies whilst under the care of her employers; return to poverty stricken Mozambique or continue working for the people responsible for the death of her child. Things become even more complicated when she finds out that her employers are expecting their first child.
  • About Director

    Brett Michael Innes


    Brett Michael Innes was born in 1983 in Johannesburg, South Africa, Brett Michael Innes graduated in 2005 as a producer from AFDA, the Oscar-winning South African film school, on a scholarship from the National Film & Video Foundation (NFVF) of South Africa. He spent three years working as a documentary photographer and filmmaker with various NGOs. He has also done video work in malnutrition camps. In 2012 he turned his focus to feature films and literature and has a number of screenplays in active development, having just completed production on Sink.


(Kannada) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QqFSK_n7mZc

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