Cast : Naveen Krishna, Sihi Kahi Geetha
Producer(s) or Production Company : Veeresh KM
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Dayal Padmanabhan

Dayal Padmanabhan was born on May 03, 1969 to Mrs. Radha and Mr.Padmanabhan in the town Villupuram , Tamil Nadu. Though he was a Civil Engineer who served for 15 years in the world premiere research organization, The Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, he switched to film making out of intense passion towards films. Currently, he is a film Director, Producer and Actor in the Kannada film industry.


ACTOR is a view into the life of a once successful actor, Sanjay, the mental and physical traumas he undergoes due to his present failure stature. Sanjay looks at delivering quality products in terms of content and performance, ends up with 2-3 films that do not do well at the box-office. This affects his psyche and what this process of failure zoning has done to him forms the crux of the story. Lessons for life or mere rescues can come from anybody. How Sanjay’s much valued maid offers this lesson to rejuvenate his state of mind is the significant

100 min

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