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Amarashilpi Jakanachaari

Original Title : Amarashilpi Jakanachaari
Year : 1964
Country : India
Movie Duration : 126 min.

Cast :

Kalyankumar, B. Saroja Devi, Raja, V. Nagaiah, Narasimharaju, Seetharamashastry, Udayakumar, A.V Subbarao, Chi. Babu, Ramadevi, Girija, Pushpavalli, Shakuntala, H.P Saroja, Chi. Kaleshwari, Rajashri, Jayalalitha – Ratan.

Production :

Awards :

  • Synopsis

    Jakanachari, a celebrated sculptor falls in love with a dancer. Post  marriage, he leaves her to completely engross and focus on his sculpting. While  he is away from his pregnant wife, she gives birth to a son who grows up to be a  sculptor himself. The son sets out on a journey that might reunite his parents. Based  on the story of legendry sculptor Jakanachari, this was the first Kannada movie  to be shot entirely in colour.

  • About Director

    B.S Ranga


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