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Original Title : Anas Ckhovreba
Year : 2016
Country : Georgia
Movie Duration : 108 min.

Cast :

Ekaterine Demetradze, Lasha Murjikneli, Lili Okroshidze

Production :

Janna Karine Sardlishvili

Awards :

  • Synopsis

    Young single mother Anna works several jobs in order to fund the care required for her autistic son, who is placed in a specialist establishment. One day, she decides to leave it all behind and take him to live in the United States. But she has difficulty in obtaining the visa. So she sells her flat and entrusts everything she has to a man who can acquire false papers for her. Can she really trust him?

  • About Director

    Nino Basilia

    Born in Georgia, she studied philology at the Pedagogical Institute of Tbilisi. She published several novels, while writing scripts for television series. She then obtained her degree, screenwriter and director, from film school in Moscow (BKCP), returned to Tbilisi to make documentaries and becoming director in television.


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