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Ardh Satya

Original Title : Ardh Satya
Year : 1983
Country : India
Movie Duration : 130 min

Cast :

Om Puri, Smita Patil, Amrish Puri, Naseeruddin Shah

Production :

Manmohan Shetty & Pradeep Uppoor

Awards :

Silver Lotus Award – National Film Awards, India (1984)
Best Film – Filmfare Awards (1984)
Best Director – Govind Nihalani – Filmfare Awards (1984)

  • Synopsis

    Anant, a Sub-Inspector with Maharashtra Police, moves to Bombay. It is here he meets and falls in love with a Lecturer, Jyotsna. Proud of his profession and hoping to make a change, he soon realizes that the police are manipulated by politicians like Rama Shetty to do their bidding. Frustrated, he turns his anger on suspects held in cells and beats them. His frustrations arise after he is sidelined for a medal while apprehending a dacoit. Things only get worse after he is humiliated by Rama Shetty. Things only get worse after he brutally assaults another suspect resulting in death.

  • About Director

    Govind Nihalani

    Govind Nihalani (born 19 December 1940 in Karachi) is an Indian film director, cinematographer, screenwriter and producer, known for his works in Hindi cinema. He has been the recipient of six National Film Awards (India), and five Bollywood Filmfare Awards. Nihalani was born on 19 December 1940 in Karachi and his family migrated to India during the partition of 1947. He started out as a cinematographer, graduating in cinematography from the Shree Jaya Chamrajendra Polytechnic in Bangalore in 1962. He was an Assistant Cinematographer to the legendary V. K. Murthy. He was associated with all the earlier films of Shyam Benegal.


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