Cast : Huang Hai , Ceng Yi Xuan, Zhao Xiao Chuan
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Cui Ren

“Four Chinese Poems” is Cui’s Director debut from his former role ; Art Director and Production Designer from various feature films over fifteen years. Cui is a graduate from Beijing Film Academy and his important works include “Nuan” – Best Picture of the 2003 Golden Rooster Award & Grand Prix at Tokyo IFF. The award winning film “A Time to Love” had Cui nominated for Best Art Director in 2005 Golden Rooster Award which he won the award with “Life Show” earlier. Cui was also granted the Best Art Director from Shanghai International Film Festival in 2008 with Mr. Mode


In the 1950s, the Chinese government set up a system of residence registration, strictly controlling the freedom of movement. While playing hide and seek, the young Xiangmin sneaks into the room his father keeps his witchdoctor’s implements and costumes. Lacking respect and fear for these scared items, he puts on the costume of the Sky God.. It appears as if the gods are punishing him when he falls from a window into the courtyard below. The fall almost kills him, but his father brings him back from the brink.

Four Chinese Poems
100 min

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