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Original Title : Thalung Neer
Year : 2016
Country : India
Movie Duration : 95 min.

Cast :

Sriraj, Vanchira Vittaal, Neravanda Umesh, Vidhya Aiyappa

Production :

Dr. Lakshmi, Dr. Naveen Krishna

Awards :

  • Awards – Best Regional Film for the year 2016, Government of Karnataka
  • Certificate of Recorgnition at Accolade Global Film Competition ,Nominations – Best Screenplay, Best Editing, Best Cinematography at Portsmouth International Film Festival London
  • Synopsis

    The Movie unveils an ex-serviceman’s life. Even after serving the Nation for nearly two decades, he faces turmoil within his family and loneliness haunts him when he sees that all his fellow mates have settled in their lives. The thought of starting a new life from scratch as he realizes a job is required to lead a decent life. He is frustrated at the attitude of the society towards ex-service men and the way they are treated. He quits the job, decides to lead a life on his own terms and contribute towards nature and natural resources.

  • About Director

    Gopi Peenya

    Gopi peenya is a writer and a director.  His passion for Photography pulled him towards film making. Many of his films hav been honored by the National and the State Government. He has worked in an Indo U S Feature film project, directed over 1000 episodes of daily soaps. He  also scripted the dialogues for his debut feature film and won the best dialogue writer award. He is the writer and director of the kodava feature film ‘Thalang Neer’


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