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Hot Hot Hot

Original Title : Hot Hot Hot
Year : 2011
Country : Luxembourg | Belgium | Austria
Movie Duration : 93 min

Cast :

Rob Stanley, Joanna Scanlan, Gary Cady, Amber Doyle

Production :

Claude Waringo, Patrick Quinet, Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu

Awards :

Won (Jury Award) – Tirana International Film Festival (2011)

  • Synopsis
    Ferdinand is a long-standing employee at Fish Land, the aquatic centre within the globalised leisure complex “Worlds Apart”. He’s a small, bald forty year-old, and a solitary, anxious introvert, entirely devoted to his passion for fish. But Ferdinand’s obsessive little existence is turned upside down the day Fish Land closes down for six months of renovation. He is transferred to another section of “Worlds Apart”, the Finnish-Turkish Delight spa, entirely geared towards the pleasure of saunas and steam rooms. Ferdinand is suddenly thrown into a world of nudity & sensuality.
  • About Director

    Beryl Koltz

    Beryl Koltz , is a filmmaker, writer and designer. Her work is characterized by an original approach, sometimes conceptual, where music and imagination occupy an important place. Since 2001, she writes and produces films of fiction, documentaries, documents and video clips. In 2012, her first feature film Hot Hot Hot , was selected in Cabourg Film Festival and awarded the Prize for Best Film Luxembourgeois 1 .


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