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Original Title : Mana Manthana
Year : 1966
Country : India
Movie Duration : 120 min

Cast :

Ramesh Bhat, Kiran Rajput, Arpitha, Suman, K Sridhar, Sangeetha and Suresh Heblikar.

Production :

Manasa Arts

Awards :

  • Synopsis

    Mana Manthana depicts how the family as an organic entity has remained unchanged even amidst the dramatic socio-economic changes that have been taking place in India. The film gives an impression that the fundamental beliefs, values and perceptions characteristic of Indian families hardly seems to have altered with the passage of time. Mana Manthana makes us introspect on these intriguing an interesting shades of the human mind. It seems like an emotional journey as one goes through the undulated mindscape witnessing different pictures of the mysterious mind.

  • About Director

    Suresh Heblikar

    Suresh Heblikar is an actor, director and an environmentalist. He has acted in about 25 movies and has directed 7 feature films including Mana Manthana and made more than 15 documentaries. He has been conferred State and National awards for his feature films and also documentaries; National Award for Best Director for “Kadina Benki”, State Award for Best Film for “Prathama Ushakirana”,UNO award for “Shepherds on the Move” to name a few.


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