Jaggu Dada

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Raghavendra Hegde

Raghvendra Hegde is a Indian film director & Script writer predominantly working in Kannada cinema. His débutante film is “JAGGU DADA” with star Dharshan


Jaggu Dada belongs to a family of dons. His grandfather who retires from his don activities realizes his mistake and insists that his son and grandson also withdraw from their business. Jaggu Dada’s grandfather on his death bed, takes his vows not to indulge in don activities and marry a socially morale girl. But his mother builds up an ambition to make him an international don. In his search, he falls in love with a girl. But knowing his criminal past, her parents are unwilling to their alliance. The story is about how Jaggu wins over her family.

Jaggu Dada
158 min.

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