Cast : Saugaat Malla, Usha Rajak, Timothy Rai
Producer(s) or Production Company : Raaz Gadaily
Editor :
Screenplay :
Director of Photography :
Sound / Music :


Prashant Rosaily

Born in 1979, Prashant was always interested in the art of storytelling; as a result of which he opted out of school. He gained popularity in 2008 after the hit reality show ‘Gateway to Hollywood’, where aspiring filmmakers had to prove their mettle against each other. He was the first runners up. Prashant has assisted Anurag Basu in his bollywood production ‘KITES’. He has also co-produced and written the screenplay for the Nepali film ‘KAGBENI’. Apart from these Prashant has made a number of short films, Documentaries as well as Television shows in his 11 year stint with the world of cinema.


Named Kanchha and Kumari who are in deep love with each other followed by Sonam, a friend of Kanchha. All things are going well till Kanchha decided to go with his friend Sonam up in the mountain to herd yaks with the purpose to earn some money and then marrying his beloved Kumari. It is okay if life goes as you dreamt or as you planned but it always won’t. Things change after their departure. Kumari gets pregnant and her life becomes more challenging thereafter. What happens after this and how Kumari fights with every challenges.

111 min.

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