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Original Title : Latino
Year : 1985
Country : USA
Movie Duration : 105 min

Cast :

Robert Beltran, Annette Charles, Américo González, Michael Goodwin

Production :

Benjamin Berg

Awards :

  • Synopsis

    Set in the context of the Sandinista government in Nicaragua and their battle with the U.S. backed Contra rebels. Eddie Guerrero (Robert Beltran) is a Vietnam vet sent to help U.S. Special Forces train Contra rebels. Eddie falls for a local girl, Marlena (Annette Cardona). However, when her father is killed by the Contras things change.

  • About Director

    Haskell Wexler

    Wexler, born to a Jewish family in Chicago in 1922, was an American cinematographer, film producer and director. He was judged to be one of film history’s ten most influential cinematographers in a survey of the members of the International Cinematographers Guild. He worked on documentaries throughout his career.  Wexler served as the cinematographer on his first big-budget film, Elia Kazan’s America, America.He has worked steadily in Hollywood thereafter. Wexler died at the age of 93.


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