Cast : Rajkumar, Harini, Balakrishna, Vadiraj, Dinesh, Ganapathi Bhat, Shylashree, Udayakumar, Sorat Ashwath, Hanumanthaachar, Sridhar, Narayan, Jayashri
Producer(s) or Production Company : Vadiraj – Jawahar
Editor :
Screenplay :
Director of Photography :
Sound / Music :


N. Lakshminarayana

N. Lakshminarayana


Murthy, a teacher is married to Nirmala. Nirmala gives birth to a son and dies in labour. For the sake of his son, Murthy remarries Ganga, who is speech & hearing impaired. As fate would have it, the son turns out to be hearing impaired. Murthy starts learning sign language to communicate to his wife and son. A fire accident kills Murthy’s son. While recovering from that grief, Murthy starts a school for the hearing and speech impaired. Ganga is now pregnant. Will that child be okay?

143 min.

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