Nanda Deepa

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Rajkumar, Udayakumar, K.S Ashwath, Sorat Ashwath, Narasimharaju, Ratnakar, Ramachandrashastry, Balakrishna, Vadiraj, Hanumanthaachaar, Harini, Leelavathi, Jayashri, M.N Lakshmidevi, Ramadevi, Naresh, Raghunandan, K. Seethapathy

Producer(s) or Production Company : Vadiraj – Jawahar
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M.R. Vitthal

M.R. Vitthal


Gowri & Ravi are the kids of Shamaiah, a poor man in a village. Ravi moves to a city and marries Radha, who is the daughter of the rich Srikanth. Ravi & Radha move to London. Back in the village, Shankar, a young bachelor proposes to marry Gowri. However, Srikanth who is now a lonely man, offers to marry Gowri. Hoping to move her father away from poverty, Gowri agrees to marry Srikanth. Shankar is left grief stricken. Everything seems like a bed of roses until Ravi & Radha return from London. Ravi is taken aback to see his sister married to his father-in-law.

Nanda Deepa
131 min

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