Cast : Pranayaraja Dr. Srinath, Akshay, Rajkumar, Pruthvi
Producer(s) or Production Company : Aiikya Films
Editor :
Screenplay :
Director of Photography :
Sound / Music :


Vishwas Madisetty

Vishwas Madisetty being in the industry for quite few years and gained experience in Script Writing, Editing & Direction by working as Associate director with well known Sandalwood Directors & Technicians. Started working as a Clap boy in Kannada movies in 2006 & continued to be an Associate director to Co- Director & Editor for few Kannada Feature films. And Vishwas has created few short movies related to Social Awareness & won few Awards.


‘Narayana Saw me’ is titled, stimulated by the real name of ‘Pranaya Raja’ Dr.Srinath. i.e., ‘Narayan Swamy’ which is the name of the character too in this film whose best friend is his Radio & his Umbrella. This film depicts how a 70 year old man leads his life when he doesn’t get attention from his friends or family and how he recollects his childhood when he meets a kid. After a wonderfull bonding & time spent together, Kid goes missing. Narayana Swamy looks for his innocence & the missing kid. Where did the Kid disappear! Climax says it all.

Narayana Saw Me
40 min

Nominations / Awards

Official Selection:
Kinolit Film Festival-Russia,
Roma Cinema Doc-Rome,
Kifaga Niue Film Festival – New Zealand,
Rolling Frames Online Film Festival – Bengaluru,
All Lights India International Film Festival – Hyderabad,

Wular Lake International Short Film Festival – Jammu & Kashmir

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