Cast : Menna Shalabi, Aboelhassan Abbas, Ameer Salah Eldin
Producer(s) or Production Company : Red Star for Film Production and Distribution
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Hala Khalil

Hala Khalil started her career by writing and directing short films and documentaries. Her short film The Kite (1997) traveled to many film festivals and won several awards and international acclaim. Khalil has written and directed two feature films Best of Times (2004) and Cut and Paste (2006), which have both been screened at various international film festivals and have won several awards and top honors at festivals in Egypt and overseas. Khalil’s work is marked by satire and features women as central characters.


Every day Nawara goes to work along a path that takes her between the alleys of the poor neighborhood and the roads that lead to the villas within a luxury compound. Every day, on her way to work, she carries the worries of the people in her neighborhood and their simple dreams. Little does know that the spring of 2011 will bring her something unexpected.

122 Min

Nominations / Awards

Best Actress Award – Dubai

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