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Onaatah: Daughter Of The Earth

Original Title : Onaatah: Daughter Of The Earth
Year : 2016
Country : India
Movie Duration : 117 min.

Cast :

Sweety Pala, Merlvin Mukhim, Richard Kharpuri, Mary Nonghuloo

Production :

Arpana Kurbah, Jova Kurbah

Awards :

  • Won: Best Khasi Film – National Film Awards 2016
  • Synopsis

    What do you do when life reaches a dead end? Giving up is an option, but certainly not the only or the best option. Onaatah a rape victim, wounded from inside and by the stereotypes of society realizes the same too. She refuses to be a loser but doesn’t know how to pick up the pieces of a broken life. When the events of one fateful night leave her scarred and the courts and society keep dragging her hurt for years; she is almost broken.

  • About Director

    Pradip Kurbah

    Pradip Kurbah is a director, who pioneers film making in Meghalaya. He has created seven Khasi music albums as Music Composer, Produced films in various dialects of Meghalaya, Directed Four Khasi feature films namely, HEP, KA MON BAJWAT, MESHUA & MELODY, RI, ONAATAH and has directed more than 150 music videos in different languages. He won the coveted National Film Award in 2014.


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