Cast : Đỗ Thị Hải Yến, Nguyen Nhu Quynh, Do Hoa Thuy, Ly Thanh Kha
Producer(s) or Production Company : Dang Tat Binh
Editor :
Screenplay :
Director of Photography :
Sound / Music :


Quang Hai Ngo

Quang Hai Ngo, Born on April 30, 1967, Haiphong, Vietnam is an actor and writer, known for The Vertical Ray of the Sun (2000), Pao’s Story (2006) and Song of the Stork (2002)


Set in a breath-taking primitive landscape in the mountainous provinces of Vietnam, the film tells the story of a Hmong tribe girl named Pao. She was raised by her stepmother, for her real mother left her when she was little. One day, her stepmother dies in an accident, and she begins to track down her birth mother. But her journey turns out to disclose an unsealed sentimental drama of the family in the past.

Chuyen cua Pao
98 min

Nominations / Awards

Won 2006 – Asia-Pacific Film Festival(Special Jury Award) , Nominated – Montréal World Film Festival(Golden Zenith), Cinemanila International Film Festival(Best Southeast Asian Film)

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