Rama Rama Re…

Cast : K. Jayaram Nataraj S. Bhat Dharmanna Kadur Sridher Bimbashri Neenasam
Producer(s) or Production Company : Kannada Kolour Cinemas
Editor :
Screenplay :
Director of Photography :
Sound / Music :


D. Satya Prakash

Satya Prakash, who had earlier directed a Kannada short movie called Jayanagara 4th Block is the director of Rama Rama re… He has also worked on the screenplay of Kannada film Bhagyaraj.


‘Rama Rama Re…’ is a Kannada cinema directed by D. Sathya Prakash, which unveils the significance, strength and nuances of human bondages underneath the philosophy of birth and death, fear and rage, security and insecurity, fate and destiny. The plot revolves around the journey of varied characters in a jeep with a flavor of humor and sarcasm.

ರಾಮ ರಾಮ ರೇ...
112 Min

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