Sami Blood

Cast : Lene Cecilia Sparrok, Mia Erika Sparrok, Maj Doris Rimpi, Julius Fleischanderl
Producer(s) or Production Company : Lars G Lindström
Editor :
Screenplay :
Director of Photography :
Sound / Music :


Amanda Kernell

Amanda Kernell was born in Umeå, in the far north of Sweden, to a Swedish mother and Sámi father. She directed several acclaimed shorts before being accepted in 2009 by the National Film School of Denmark for their prestigious four-year film directing program. Sámi Blood (16) is her feature directorial debut.


Curious and excited, Elle Marja at first excels in her new surroundings, mastering the Swedish language and her other lessons while her younger sister, Njenna, struggles. But this very success, coupled with Elle Marja’s intense desire to be accepted by her teachers, her internalization of the school’s vile lessons about race and class, and her burgeoning sexuality, soon drives a wedge between her and her fellow students, forcing her to take an action she may not have the opportunity to regret.

Same Blod
Sweden | Denmark | Norway
110 min

Nominations / Awards

Won (Fedeora Award | Label Europa Cinemas) – Venice Film Festival (2016)
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