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Cast : Nedumudi Venu as Ramavikraman Namboothiri Athira Pattel as Sridevi (Third Wife) Anoop Krishnan as Raman Namboothiri
Producer(s) or Production Company : CREATIVE CREATIONS
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“Ishti” is set in the mid-twentieth century Kerala, when young Namboothiri Brahmins successfully challenged the orthodox, patriarchal traditions of their community which allowed the patriarch, the eldest male member of the family, sole control of family property and denied normal education to its members particularly women. The film has a feminist angle too. RamavikramanNamboothiri’s third wife, 17-year-old Sridevi, is literate.  She inspires the younger  ones in the household and asserts their right to know, in the face of stiff opposition from the orthodoxy. Ramavikraman Namboothiri’s eldest son, Raman Namboothiri , can chant Vedic hymns but cannot read or write.  The story goes on

108 Min

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Indian Panorama / Intl Competition in IFFI

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