Shelter of the Wings

Cast : Rajit Kapoor, Shankar Chakraborty, Indrani Haldar, Sadhu Meher
Producer(s) or Production Company : Gita Gope & Shankar Gope
Editor :
Screenplay :
Director of Photography :
Sound / Music :


Buddhadev Dasgupta

Buddhadeb started his career as an economics teacher. In 1976, when disenchanted by the gap he perceived between the economic theory he taught and the socio-political reality, he took to film making. Meanwhile, his membership with the Calcutta Film Society exposed him to the works of directors like Charlie Chaplin, Ingmar Bergman, Akira Kurosawa.This, inspired him take film making as a mode of expression. He started his film career with a 10-minute documentary in 1968, The Continent of Love; eventually he made his first full-length feature film, Dooratwa in 1978.


Lakha comes from a family of bird catchers, but questions the value of catching birds. He, and the older Bhushan, sell their caged birds to the local dealer. Lakha’s wife, Sari, complains that he is not ambitious enough because he cares more for the birds than for her, and she starts meeting Natobar. Kalicharan, a city dealer, suggests they sell their birds directly to him. So Bhushan and Lakha take their next catch of birds on the train to Calcutta. Kalicharan invites them to a feast for the ceremony of the birds, with disastrous consequences.

97 min

Nominations / Awards

Nomination (Golden Berlin Bear) – Berlin International Film Festival (1994) | Won (Golden Lotus Award) – National Film Awards, India (1994)

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