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Original Title : Sodura
Year : 2016
Country : Mongolia
Movie Duration : 114 min

Cast :

Ochgerel Chimed, Amgalanbaatar Odondavaa, Ariunbyamba Sukhee

Production :

Balkhjav Lkhagvadorj

Awards :


  • Synopsis
    Sodura who has grown up in Taiga but decides to relocate to the city. She is unable to adapt to the city and thus returns. She is blamed for getting pregnant with an outsider’s child. She is in love with Ak-od, the only person who understands her. He is forcibly married off to Ayana. During this time a fire breaks out. As the tribesmen go to put out the fire they see poachers who have killed the last reindeer. Ak-od is accused of assisting the poachers & loses his life. Sodura is left with her son & a mission to protect the reindeer people.
  • About Director

    Jargalsaikhan Baatar



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