Sonesarik Beti

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Hemant Kumar,  Sandya, Aishwarya Chavan, Madhu Chavan,  Ravi Lamani , Baby Akshatha

Producer(s) or Production Company : Sevabhagya Creations
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Sunil Chavan

Hemanth Kumar has been directing Banjara films since 1994. He has directed and produced around six movies and also regarded as the first person in India to direct and produce movie in banjara language ‘Zadiro pankheru’. Hemant has directed and acted in lead roles in Kannada movies.


Hariya belonged to the Lambani community and lived in a village called Chandrapura. He was a close associate of the Shankarappa who was involved in kidnapping and gambling. Hariya when married to Pari quits illegal activities and engages in farming. But he was cheated and given defected seeds that failed to give proper yield. He committed suicide unable to face the pressure from money lenders. Pari’s daughter gets kidnapped. She was rescued by Dr. Margarete and grew up in New York with her. The girl commits herself for the progress of her village earning the name ‘Golden Daughter’

Sonesarik Beti
133 min.

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