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Original Title : Tanyabi Firti
Year : 2002
Country : India
Movie Duration : 60 min.

Cast :

Rita Chakma, Pranjal Roy, Pulak Khisa, Mrinal Kanti Chakma

Production :

Satarupa Sanyal

Awards :

  • Synopsis

    Tanyabi, a pretty damsel, lived in Chakma village on the bank of rivulet Chengi. She was deeply in love with a poor young man, Punang chan. But, her parents get her married to a rich old man in a distant village. The river Chengi, was so grief-stricken, that it changed its course by nearly one kilometre and the old dried up course was gradually filled up the grieving Tanyabi’s tears and thus a lake was formed, where she drowned herself to death. The Chakmas sing of it as a folk tale even today.

  • About Director

    Satarupa Sanyal

    Satarupa Sanyal is a Bengali Indian independent or parallel cinema film director, producer, actress, poet and social activist, based in Kolkata, India. She is well known for her feminist social stances that inform her films. She served the Central Board of Film Certification for 4 years as a member.She also served as the jury member of Indian Panorama, National Award for feature film, National Awards for All India Radio and section committee jury in MIFF.


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