Cast : Master Anil Kumar, Master Ganesh, Master Nizamudin, Master Srinivas, Anantha Despande, Channabasappa Kale, Ranjitha Suryavamshi, Manju Kodagu, Raghava, Lakshman C, Bhoopal, Eshwarchandra Betageri.
Producer(s) or Production Company : S K Combines
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Alemariya Aatmakathe

The director of this feature film has actively involved in theater, documentary, tele-serials, tele-films and feature films. Bring an actor, director and producer as well, he has directed three feature films and “alemariya Athmakathe” would be his fourth film. for his debut feature film “Urvashi”, it has won. “best film on social impact”, also, he has acquired kanfida award for best director


The award winning story “Alemariya Aatmakathe- The autobiography of a gypsy” is about the tribal named “Gondaliga” where they lead their lives as a gypsies and they are forbidden of basic amenities. All these features are portrated in this kannada feature film “Alemariya Aatmakathe- The autobiography of a gypsy”. The story focuses upon a boy being educated and to becomeing to this tribe, urges uupon being educated and to become a responsible citzen, rather being agypsy with no settlement.

Alemariya Aatmakathe
94 Min

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