Cast : Monuj Borkotoky, Kriti Kamal Das, Mrigendra Konwar, Noksha Sahaam
Producer(s) or Production Company : Nilanjan Datta,  Dr. Rajiv Nag
Editor :
Screenplay :
Director of Photography :
Sound / Music :


Nilanjan Datta

Nilanjan Datta is a graduate of Film Editing from Film & Television Institute of India, Pune. Before making `The Head Hunter’, his first feature film, Nilanjan has made short fiction films and documentary films. He has also been awarded the National Award for his documentary film ‘Bhanga Gara’ in the year 2009.`The Head Hunter’ was part of Mumbai International Film festival and Indian Panorama at the 46th International Film festival of India, and Canada International Film Festival, Vancouver. Presently he is Professor of Film Editing and Academic Coordinator at FTII, Pune.


The Film is about an old tribal man from a forgotten tribe of India. He belongs to the North Eastern tribe of India called the `Wancho tribe,’ dreaded for their practice of head hunting. When the government decides to develop the Old man’s forest, he resists. A young official, who belongs to the same tribe as the Old man and also speaks his language, befriends him and tricks him to spend a few days in the city. When the old man finally comes back, everything has changed forever.

The Head Hunter
109 min.

Nominations / Awards

Won: National film Award (Special Jury Mention) (2015)
Best Debut Direction – 25th Aravindan Purushkaram Kerela (2015)
Special Jury mention – 11th Prag Cine Awards, Assam (2015)

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