Cast : Anilkumar, Akshata Pandavapura
Producer(s) or Production Company : Halli Chitra
Editor :
Screenplay :
Director of Photography :
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Raghu S P

Raghu S P moved out of a career in the Hi-tech space to pursue my interest in Films. . He decided to get driven by his passion towards literature, theater and cinema. His direction plays and adaptation received positive critic from the audience. He chose the visual media to narrate his ideas and bring it to reality. he made his debut entry from “Pallata”


Aged “Yella” (Village drummer by profession) lives in a small village, thinking that villagers will support him and his profession. Youths of village have other plans. Protagonist of the film forced to accept the change made by youths in village, despite grinding poverty of “Yella”. The conflict between father & daughter, parallel fight with village new system affect livelihood of Yella and his friends.  A poor drummer does not get a piece of land in village to bury his body. A very method of burying in open fields (kallubaana) is portrayed in a subtle way. This cinema has tried to portray Yella’s trust about his profession and impositions of changes on his livelihood.

100 min

Nominations / Awards

Official Selection: Delhi International Film Festival 2016

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