Ulta Palta

Cast :

Ramesh (In A Dual Role), Kashi (In A Dual Role), Pooja Lokesh, Myna, Pavithra Lokesh, H.G Dattatreya, Girija Lokesh, Karibasavaiah, Hulivaana Gangadharaiah, Shankar Rao, Sunetra, Venkatachala, Mallesh Harthi, Kokila

Producer(s) or Production Company :

N S Shankar, V Manohar, Ashok Kashyap, Guna, Myna, Subrahmanya Thememane, Vijayaprasad

Editor :
Screenplay :
Director of Photography :
Sound / Music :


N.S Sankar

N.S Sankar


Two sets of identical twins are lost in their childhood. None of them are aware of their twin being alive. One set of twins arrive to a town on work, which is where the other set of twins live and make their living. The people of the town confuse them for the latter. What follow are a lot of confusion and a ‘comedy of errors’.

Ulta Palta
138 min

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