Van Gogh

Cast : Jacques Dutronc, Alexandra London, Bernard Le Coq
Producer(s) or Production Company : Erato Films, StudioCanal, Films A2
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Maurice Pialat

Maurice Pialat was a French film director, screenwriter and actor noted for the rigorous and unsentimental style of his films. His work is often described as being “realist”. He was known for À nos amours (1983), Van Gogh (1991) and Under the Sun of Satan (1987).


The film follows the last 67 days of Van Gogh’s life and explores his relationships with his brother Theo, his physician Paul Gachet and the women in his life, including Gachet’s daughter, Marguerite. The film focuses on the everyday events of the painter’s life and art.

Van Gogh
158 min

Nominations / Awards

Nomination- Cannes, Best Foreign Language Film – Academy Awards

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