World in Bengaluru

We are pleased to announce the 10th edition of BIFFES, the Bengaluru International Film Festival to be held during February 22 – March 01, 2018.

The festival is being organized by the Karnataka Chalanachitra (Film) Academy for Government of Karnataka.

Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka State in India, is an important centre of International film culture in keeping with Karnataka’s glorious heritage and the State’s achievements in the fields of literature, fine arts, and cinema. The Kannada Film Industry has made significant contribution to the quality and range of cinematic expression and grown to produce over a 200 films every year. Films from Karnataka have won national and international recognition and critical acclaim at various International Film Festivals.

We would like to recall here that our 9th edition held during February 02 – February 09, 2017 in two cities Bengaluru and Mysuru was a resounding success with screening of nearly 240 films across 15 screens from more than 45 countries, and witnessed by more than 9000 delegates who enjoyed and appreciated the quality of cinema presented.

The Tenth edition, to be held during February 22- March 01, 2018, in Bengaluru and will have different sections as mentioned below. Selection of films will be made by expert committees.

  1. Cinema of the World
  2. Asian Cinema Competition
  3. Chitrabharati (Indian Cinema) Competition
  4. Kannada cinema Competition
  5. Retrospectives
  6. Country Focus
  7. Grand Classics
  8. Homages & Remembrances
  9. FIPRESCI (International Federation of Film Critics) award winners
  10. Network for promotion of Asian Cinema (NETPAC) award winners
  11. Bio Pics
  12. 10th Biffes Festival Theme based films (Festival Theme – `Human Rights and Social Justice`).

Like in the previous editions Competitive sections for Asian, Indian and Kannada Cinema will also be held with handsome Cash prizes.

The festival will also host various forums for academic interactions on Filmmaking & Film Appreciation like seminars, Workshops, Master classes etc., for the benefit of film professionals, discerning audiences and students on different aspects of cinema.

We invite filmmakers, film fraternity, film critics & International and National film distribution agencies/companies to participate in this 10th edition of BIFFES. We sincerely hope the film lovers will utilize this opportunity to enroll as delegates and enjoy the contemporary world cinema and the classics.