4th Biffes – 2011

December 15, 2011 – December 22, 2011

The 4th edition of BIFFES, the annual Bengaluru International Film Festival, is resuming after a year’s pause and scheduled to open on December 15, 2011 to bring to the city the best of cinema from around the world, along with seminars, presentations and Master Classes. When the 4th BIFFES closes on December 22, 2011, it is envisaged that it would be firmly established as a special Bengaluru event and one of the premier film festivals of India.

For Bengaluru to become an important centre of international film culture is in keeping with Karnataka’s glorious heritage and the state’s achievements in the fields of literature, fine arts and cinema. The Kannada Film industry has made signal contributions to the quality and range of Indian cinematic expression and grown to produce over a 100 feature films every year. Our films have won national and international recognition and critical acclaim at various film festivals.

Giving due recognition to the aspirations of the film fraternity in the state, Government of Karnataka has stepped in to provide budgetary funding for the city’s own film festival to institutionalize it as an annual event and enhance it in scope and ambition. In accordance with the government’s enunciated policy, the task of organizing and conducting this important event is mandated to the Karnataka Chalanachitra Academy.

The Academy on its part has taken up the job with pride and enthusiasm. It has taken initiative to involve every sector of the film culture of Karnataka, including the Film Industry, film personalities, film societies, academic institutions, cultural organizations, cultural centers of various diplomatic missions, the media and film critics, in this endeavor. The Academy has also established contact with organizers of the other reputed film festivals of the country for better coordination and interaction on issues of mutual interest.

The objective for the festival is to design an event with its own unique identity and character. The Academy has appointed a film expert and veteran of the film society movement of India, Shri HN Narahari Rao, as the Artistic Director of the 4th BIFFES.

It is our belief that this event will be realized fully in form and content with the commitment of a dedicated team of organizers and support from the film fraternity, sponsors and, above all, the film-loving public. We do hope this festival will achieve its purpose and the films that we screen will inspire our filmmakers and enthrall film lovers.

Committee Members
  1. Mr.Basavaraju. IAS,Secretary,I&K&C
  2. Dr.Muddumohan – Director , Information
  3. Mr.T.S.Nagabharana – Chairmen, K C A
  4. Mr.K.V.Chandrashekar, President, KFCC
  5. Mr.Basanthkumar Patil – Film Producer
  6. Mr.H.N.Narahari Rao – Artistic Direcotr
  7. Mr.K.C.N.Chandrashekar – Film Producer
  8. Mr.Munirathna – President – KFDA
  9. Mr.M.S.Ramesh – President, KFPA
  10. Mr.V.N.SubbaRao – Journalist
  11. Mr.Girish Kasaravalli – Film Director
  12. Mr. D.P. Parameshwar, President, Press Academy
  13. Mr.M.Rudresh – President, Kantirava Studio
  14. Mr.Ashok , Actor & president- Okkuta
  15. Mr.K.Nagaraj – Central Sensor Board Officer
  16. Ms. Jayanthi – Actress
  17. Ms.K.H.Savithri – Journalist
  18. Mr.N.Vidyashankar – Film Society
  19. Mr.N.R.Nanjunde Gowda- President, Children’s India

All KCA Members