Bengaluru International Film Festival - BIFFES


Majid, a typical football passionate from Malappuram (a district in Kerala, southernmost part of India), a place much talked about for her uncompromising craze in the sport, is working as a recruitment agent for foreign players in 7s tournaments in the region. Samuel, a Nigerian footballer who is recently hired by Majid has unfortunately met with an accident and got a severe back injury. Samuel was prescribed for a two-month bed rest and Majid was obliged to take him to his home promising a perfect nursing. Astonished to host a foreign footballer in Majid’s home and neighborhood shows ecstatic.


​Mohan Raghavan Award 2018 Best Director. Indywood Academy Award 2018 Best Screenplay - Original. Best Supporting Actresses. ​International Film Festival Of Kerala 2018, India Fipresci Award For Best Malayalam Film.