Bengaluru International Film Festival - BIFFES


This is a movie, encompassing four unrelated stories about money. Each colour brings out a different side of money. Red - A poor tribal couple seeks a divorce from a local judge and they were charged a large amount of money by the lawyer. Soon they realize that they are still in love and need to remarry but there’s no money left!, Blue - A young wife learns of her rich old husband's death from her lover. The two now plan their future but a big surprise awaits them. Glittery - A man, sacked from his job and ditched by his girlfriend, A person offers him the comfort of a prostitute. White - A boy 'Dhaaki' (drummer) goes to the city to earn money to buy medicines for his ailing mother. He returns to find his mother in no state to receive care.


Best Film (Jury), Best Director (Jury), Best Actress (Jury), Best Supporting Actor (Popular) And Jury Special Mention At The Telangana International Bengali Film Festival 2018 In Hyderabad