Bengaluru International Film Festival - BIFFES


Kabir, a young fellow kills an ant accidentally and in order to repent, agrees to do a film for vagabond Razzaq, who knows about his killing. Razzaq believes that everybody on this earth is in a film directed by god with cameras being everywhere. When Razzaq informs Kabir about the heroine who has been caged in the neighbor town, Kabir decides to go alone to rescue her and razzaq, who is in love with her disagrees to this. This results in a brawl between the two and what follows after, make the rest of the plot.

Film Festivals

Official Selection at Regina International Film Festival and Awards (RIFFA), Canada, 36th Festival de Cine de Bogota, Colombia, Les Rimbaud du Cinma, France, International Sound & Film Music Festival,Croatia, Colortape International Film Festival, Australia, 18th Dhaka International Film Festival