Bengaluru International Film Festival - BIFFES


Ranganayaki,is a music teacher in a reputed school.Madhav, a colleague, is in love with her and belongs to an orthodox family. Krishnamurthy, another colleague,also loves her but she is unaware of it.She is friends with 4 students who stay in a flat opposite to hers. She is invited to join them to celebrate the birthday of one of them. She is sedated and gang raped there. The abuse results in irreversible scars due to physical torture, the undeserved humiliation, and the psychological & societal trauma. Madhav’s family does not accept this as just an unfortunate event instead, it still considers rape as a stigma.Who between Madhav and Krishnamurthy, is able to support Ranganayaki forms one arc of her story while the other deals completely with the people around her and the society at large.

Film Festivals

Official Selection at Indian Panorama - 50th International Film Festival of India, 2019